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CARMAH members’ portraits were captured in March 2017, on the ‘New55 PN’ – a new handmade instant film for large format, 4”x5” cameras. This film was launched through crowdfunding in 2014 as a reinvention of the discontinued, legendary ‘Type 55’ by Polaroid. Since the sixties, Polaroid’s unique ‘Type 55’ starred in many artists’ and professional photographers’ projects. ‘Type 55’ provided both an instant print and a superb negative from which more (and larger) prints could be made. Like so many photographic material in the last 10-15 years, ‘Type 55’ was discontinued in 2009. Tal Adler decided to use the ‘New55 PN’ not only for its beautiful quality but also to reflect, and participate in, the revival of (photographic) heritage.

I came to Berlin as an Alexander von Humboldt Professor and founded CARMAH in 2015. I have wide-ranging research interests, with a major focus on museums and heritage, which is the focus of my W3 Professorship in Social Anthropology. I have carried out anthropological fieldwork in Europe, especially Germany, and also in China. My work has been translated into Bulgarian, Chinese, Estonian, French, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish.

In addition to CARMAH, I direct the Hermann von Helmholtz-Zentrum für Kulturtechnik, and also have membership in the Institute of European Ethnology. I hold Honorary Professorships in the Department of Sociology at the University of York and in the Department of Social Anthropology at the University of Aberdeen, and am a Research Affiliate of the Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford University. In 2023 I will take up a visiting professorship at Tsinghua University. In 2024, together with Professor Eva Ehninger in Bild- und Kunst-Geschichte, I will launch a new Käte Hamburger Kolleg: InHerit: Heritage in Transformation.

I currently serve on the International Advisory Board of the Alexander von Humboldt Association; and the Academic Committee of the House of European History.

Current and recent projects on which I am or was PI include: Making Differences. Transforming Museums and Heritage in the 21st Century; Matters of Activity. Image, Space, Material; Curating Digital Images; and Challenging Populist Truth-Making in Europe (CHAPTER); the Contentious Collections Work Package of the Horizon 2020 TRACES (Transmitting Contentious Cultural Heritage with the Arts) project (2016-2019); and the Profusion theme of the AHRC-funded Heritage Futures project (2015-2019).

Academic Biography

I studied Human Sciences – a mix of natural and social sciences – at the University of Oxford as an undergraduate, something that I credit for my enjoyment of working across disciplinary boundaries. I then trained further in Social Anthropology, also at Oxford, doing anthropological fieldwork on the Isle of Skye for my DPhil. Supervised by Edwin Ardener, I looked at the revival of Gaelic language and culture, probing reflexively into questions such as how the very notion of culture is formed.  Looking at the Gaelic revival took me into questions of how culture and identity are imagined and realised, as well as of nationalism and ethnonationalism.  It also prompted me to look at other parts of Europe and at how Europe itself is variously conceived and experienced. These are themes that have stayed with me throughout my career, and that I have explored through various projects and in many publications.

Museums are thoroughly implicated in these themes. My direct introduction into this area came from a different direction, however. This was a post-doc project in the Centre for Research into Innovation, Culture and Technology, at Brunel University, for which I conducted ethnographic fieldwork in the Science Museum, London. It got me hooked on museums and since then I have gone on to look at various kinds of museums and to try to develop the methodological and theoretical approaches to museums through a series of publishing projects. A lot of this work is also public anthropology – variously involving speaking in wider public contexts, as well as working collaboratively with museums and heritage organisations.

My major publications alternate between in-depth monographs based on long-term ethnographic fieldwork and wider synthetic, usually edited, works that seek to set out a broader analysis. In real life I am usually trying to juggle doing both of these at once. The ethnographic monographs are all also works of theorising, with implications far wider than their specific topics. Mostly they work in terms of trying to examine at a detailed level what I see as some broad cultural change, in order to throw new light on its dynamics and how it is experienced and remade in practice. Broad changes that I have looked at in this way include the revival of traditional culture and minority languages, the consumerisation of public culture, the turn to publicly showing a country’s own history of perpetration, and the ‘memory boom’. The close-up view not only shows complexity but also reveals assumptions that are rarely perceived by participants but also often overlooked by theory too. The work thus illuminates other ways of seeing that can change the usual academic as well as popular understandings.

I have worked as a full-time lecturer from fairly early in my career, and so have also amassed many years of teaching experience and have had the privilege to work with many great colleagues and to supervise some excellent PhDs. My first full-time, non-temporary post was in the Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology at the University of Keele, where I learned a great deal from other colleagues, especially in the fields of culture and science studies. After six years there, I then spent ten years in the Department of Sociological Studies at the University of Sheffield, where in 2005 I was awarded a Personal Chair. My experience in Sheffield honed my thinking about identities, nations and material culture further, as well as making me more aware of the critical politics of difference. Supported by an Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship, which I held at the Universities of Erlangen-Nürnberg and the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, I undertook research that resulted in Difficult Heritage: Negotiating the Nazi Past in Nuremberg and Beyond.

In 2006 I took up a Professorship in Social Anthropology at Manchester University, where I remained until 2012, learning an enormous amount from my brilliant colleagues. I was then appointed to a prestigious Anniversary Professorship at the University of York, where I joined the Department of Sociology. That interstice between Social Anthropology and Sociology is one of my favourite intellectual places. On leaving, to take up an Alexander von Humboldt Professorship at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, I was appointed to an Honorary Professorship at York. I have a research interest in China, where I have held a Visiting Professorship in the Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology at Peking University.


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Sharon Macdonald ‘How Can We Know the Future? Magical Techniques for Dealing with Uncertainty in Museums’, invited keynote lecture, Assessment of Significance, (in honour of Prof. Dr. Beier-de Haan), May 2017.

Sharon Macdonald ‘Colloquium: Modes of Relating: An Introduction’ IfEE, Berlin, April 2017.

Sharon Macdonald ’Art and Human Remains: A Discussion of the Ethics of Artistic Work with Historic Collections of Human Remains’, roundtable discussion, University of Edinburgh, April 2017.

Sharon Macdonald ‘Re-enchantment, Ritualisation, Heritage-making: Processes of Tradition Reconfiguration in Europe’, panel discussion, SIEF, Göttingen, March 2017.

Sharon Macdonald ‘Bridging Human Clashes: Global Questions, Local Answers’, panel discussion, Berlin, March 2017.

Sharon Macdonald ‘Archival Afflictions and Contested Memories in the Remaking of Berlin’s Historic Centre’, invited keynote lecture, University of York, March 2017.

Sharon Macdonald ‘Making Differences in Berlin’, invited keynote lecture, Humboldt Colloquium, Washington, March 2017.

Sharon Macdonald ‘Colonial Legacies and Cosmo-optimal Futures: Dilemmas and Potentials of Ethnographic Museums’, public lecture, KCL Memory Group, London, February 2017.

Sharon Macdonald ‘Authenticity-Angst – Commodifying and Remediating the Past’, Ringvorlesung, Leibniz Research Alliance, German Historical Museum, Berlin, February 2017.

Sharon Macdonald and Jennie Morgan‘Curating profusion – from connoisseurship to mediation?’, talk at IfEE, Berlin, January 2017.

Sharon Macdonald ‘What Not to Collect: Materials, Objects, Stories’, lecture at Museum der Dinge, Berlin, January 2017.



Sharon Macdonald ‘Heritage and the Politics of Recognition’, introduction to talks by Laurajane Smith, Gareth Millington and David Huyssen followed by a panel discussion, CARMAH, Berlin, December 2016.

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Sharon Macdonald ‘What are Museums Good for in the 21st Century?’ Book Presentation and Panel Discussion, CARMAH, Berlin, July 2016.

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Sharon Macdonald ‘Tracing and Redrawing the Lines of Difficult and Contentious Heritage’, Keynote public lecture at Traces Kick off Meeting, Klagenfurt, May 2016.

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Sharon Macdonald ‚Innovativen Formen Musealer Praxis und neue Umgangsformen mit kulturellem (und naturellen) Erbe’ [Innovative forms of museum practice and new forms of dealing with cultural (and natural) heritage], invited lecture to the Auswärtiges Amt [the German Foreign Office], Berlin, October 2015.

Sharon Macdonald ‘Divers-City: Making Differences and Citizens through City Heritage’, invited keynote lecture, Urban Heritage and Urban Images: Imagineering Urban Heritage, Georg-Simmel Centre for Metropolitan Research, Berlin, October 2015.

Sharon Macdonald “Ein Teil der Geschichte: Der Umgang mit dem Reichsparteitagsgelände seit 1945″ [‘A Piece of History: Negotiating the Nazi Party rally Grounds since 1945’], invited public lecture to open the exhibition Das Gelände: Dokumentation, Perspektiven, Diskussion [The Grounds: Documentation, Perspectives, Discussion] and accompanying conference “Erhalten! Wozu? Perspektiven für Zeppelintribüne, Zeppelinfeld und das ehemalige Reichsparteitagsgelände“ [Preserve! For what? Perspectives on the Zeppelin Building, Zeppelin Field and former Nazi Party Rally Grounds], Nuremberg, October 2015.

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Sharon Macdonald ‘Immer Krise? Always in Crisis?’, invited opening keynote lecture at Für Immer Krise? Fragen der Repräsentation in Museen für Nicht-Europäische Kunst und Kulturen/ Always in Crisis? Questions of Representation in Museums of Non-European Art and Culture, Humboldt Lab Dahlem, Berlin, September 2015.

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Sharon Macdonald ‘Neuer Wind für Berlins Museen: Eine Britin kümmert sich um das Preußenerbe’ Der Tagesspiegel, May 2015.

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PhD Students

* = first supervision

Habiba Insaf* – Exhibiting India in Germany: Politics of Display and Interpretation of Indian Objects in Berlin Museums. Gerda Henkel Foundation. 2021>
Helena Kiess – title tbc – CHAPTER project, Volkswagen Foundation. 2020>
Marlena Nikody – title tbc – CHAPTER project, Volkswagen Foundation. Based at the Jagiellonian University, Krakow. 2020>
Callum Fisher* – From provenance to potentiality: Understanding a museum collection dispersed across disciplinary, institutional and national borders. Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes. 2020>
Sina Holst – Ecologies of memory. Rosa Luxembourg Foundation. 2020>
Yoonha Kim* – Wearable objects, wearable ontologies. Matters of Activity, DFG. 2020>
Katharina Geis* – Curating Digital Images from Museum and Heritage Websites for Knowledge Practices. Curating Digital Images project, DFG. 2019>
Sarah Ullrich – Curated and curating bodies. Curating Digital Images project, DFG. 2019>
Tomás Usón – Remembering future disasters – Climate change, memory and anticipation in Andean cities. 2019>
Farina Asche – Migration digital ausstellen. Von (un)sichtbaren Infrastrukturen und diapolitischen Objekten im Kontext digitaler Migrationsmusealisierung. Wissen/Ausstellen Forschungskolleg, Georg-August Universität Göttingen. 2018>
Adina Dymczyk – Shaping normative and emotional landscapes: Transgenerational transmission of trauma in post-conflict settings. Friedrich Ebert Stiftung. 2018>
Nazli Cabadag* – Queer entanglements of transnational politics. Turkish-speaking newcomers negotiate alliance in Berlin. Alexander von Humboldt Making Differences project. 2017>
Chiara Garbellotto – Doing biodiversity and biodiversity’s doings: public engagement and more-than-human relations in the ecology of the Museum of Natural History. Alexander von Humboldt Making Differences project. 2017>
Hannes Hacke* – LGBT history on display in Berlin between 1984 and 2014. 2017>
Christine Gerbich* – Reassembling the heritage of the Old Kings. On the futurability of the Museum of Islamic Art in Berlin’s Pergamon Museum. Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation. 2015>

Former students include…
(With apologies for current incompleteness. Please send corrections, omissions and updates!)

Tabea Malter – Vor-Geschichten. Gedächtnis, Erbe und Identität in Archäologischen Landesmuseen. Gerda Henkel Foundation. 2017> (examined)

Siriporn Srisinurai* – Curating the sacred, enchanting the ordinary: Things, practices and local museums in Northeast Thailand. Thammasat University. 2015–2020 (examined 2021)

Margareta von Oswald* – Working through colonial collections. ‘Africa’ in Berlin’s Humboldt Forum. Alexander von Humboldt Making Differences Project. PhD Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, PhD examined 2020.

Zarina Adambussinova – Heritage, Memory, Dissonance: the City Museum of Kókshetau in Peripheral Post-Soviet Kazakhstan. Gerda Henkel Stiftung. Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, PhD examined 2020.

Gönül Bozoğlu* – Displays of Emotion: Encountering the Past in Turkish History Museums. Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, PhD examined 2018. PhD publication.

Alejandra Jaramillo Vasquez* – Reshaping policy: Creativity and Everyday Practice in an Arts Organisation in Mexico City. Conseilo National de Science y Tecnología. University of York PhD 2016.

Jan Lorenz* – Remaking of Jewish sociality in contemporary Poland. Haunting legacies, global connections. University of Manchester PhD 2014.

Chris Courtney* – A Social and Environmental History of the 1931 China Floods. University of Manchester PhD 2013.

Friedrich von Bose – Displays des Kolonialen. Eine Ethnographie des ‘Making-of’ des Berliner Humboldt-Forums. Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, PhD examined 2013. PhD publication.

Victoria Bishop Kendzia – The Jewish Museum Berlin. Visitor Experience in the Context of Political Education. Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, PhD examined 2013. PhD publication.

Hannah-Lee Chalk* – The Uses, Meanings and Values of Natural Objects: University earth science objects and collections as material culture. University of Manchester PhD 2012.

Jennie Morgan* – Change and Everyday Practice at the Museum: An Ethnographic Study. University of Manchester PhD 2011.

Richard Sandell* – Museums, Prejudice and the Reframing of Difference. University of Sheffield PhD 2006.

Morgan Meyer* – Partially connected to science. The Luxembourg Museum of Natural History and its scientific collaborators. University of Sheffield PhD 2006.

James Oliver* – Young people and Gaelic in Scotland: Identity dynamics in a European region. University of Sheffield Phd 2002.