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Marina Carvalho Rocha

© Marina Carvalho Rocha
I am an Alexander von Humboldt Chancellor Fellow with a background in film and media. My one-year research project “Widening Perspectives: Film Curation as a Tool for Cross-Cultural Dialogue and Social Recognition” investigates the paths, subjects and institutions that guide the selection of images and narratives to be preserved for the future in the construction of the audiovisual heritage. I am interested not only in the official routes regarding these procedures, but mainly in the fissures through which dominant historical narratives can be challenged. Making use of a transdisciplinary methodology, the research addresses film curation as a practice possibly capable of highlighting perspectives made invisible throughout history and echoing demands for more inclusive societies.


Prior to joining the CARMAH team as a guest researcher, I worked as a content producer and film programmer in Grupo Globo, the major television network in Brazil. Reaching millions of viewers per day with my choices on the content they would have available at their homes increased my awareness of the power relationships intertwined with this decision-making and raised my interest in the entanglements between the ethics and criteria of curatorial practices and the significance of social recognition for a wider access to rights and opportunities.