HZK / CARMAH Colloquium:

Digital Network Collections

2 pm

University collections are a valuable resource for research, teaching, and outreach. The basis for their use, however, is digital indexing and better visibility, especially in the direction of a multidisciplinary target group. There is still a great need for development in this area. The location of Berlin, with its university collections in the Berlin University Alliance (BUA) and diverse relationships with museums and research institutions in the city, offers a particularly fruitful context.

The project “Digital Network Collections” deals with the conceptual planning of a digital network of Berlin’s university collections in the BUA to create a common interdisciplinary basis that enables the research and digital evidence of objects. Conceptual work and concrete use cases are combined: Modular components are tested in practical case studies, e.g. for the preparation of legacy data and finding aids, the referencing of subject data, or the virtual presentation of holdings.

The lecture will be held in German, followed by a discussion.

For registration, please send an email to: oliver.zauzig@hu-berlin.de.