Colloquium Provenance Research:

Missionary Collecting

6 pm

During the German colonial period, members of the missionary society “Basler Mission” acquired objects of various kinds for the ethnographic collection in Basel in different ways. The lecture will explore questions about the circumstances of acquisition, motives and spaces of action of local actors, forms of interaction between missionaries and the “collected” as well as functions of the ethnographic collection in Switzerland. Archival sources reveal unequal power relations and ambivalent relationships between Cameroonian actors and mission members as well as fragile self-images of missionaries.

The Colloquium Provenance Research is a joint event series by CARMAH & the GERMAN LOST ART FOUNDATION.

Isabella Bozsa is a Cultural Anthropologist, and member of the PAESE project: Provenance Research in Non-European Collections and Ethnography in Lower Saxony.

The event will take place as a videoconference via the software Webex. Participation is free of charge, but only possible after registration until December 12, 2021. Participants will receive their access data on the day of the event.

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